When your home has been damaged by fire, water, or other disasters it will often need more than just a cleanup job.  Replacement is often necessary for drywall, windows, roofing, or other large-scale projects in your damaged home.  This process can be overwhelming and frustrating.  Knowing what kind of contractor you need and how to find the right professional to get the job done is important.

Professionals Ready to Help

  • Skilled professionals are standing by ready to help. Often times time is critical when an emergency strikes.  For instance, if a pipe bursts and begins to flood your home, you want a company that is trained, responsive, and ready to tackle your problems head on.
  • If dealing with home damage you want providers that are IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified.
  • At Pro Response Restoration we are available 24/7, will be on site within sixty minutes, offer free estimates, have IICRC certification, and can handle everything from clean-up and removal to repairs and restoration.
  • Making the right call can be vital during a crisis.

General Contractors

  • Generally deal with home remodeling, improvement, and new construction
  • Usually hired by property owners with no insurance claim involved with the project
  • Do not specialize or have experience in dealing with insurance companies
  • You pick and choose what and how you want your project done. You pay out of pocket for these expenses.
  • Typically licensed with the state
  • Often hire sub-contractors (plumbers, electricians, painters, drywall installers, etc.) to manage jobs to complete the project

Restoration Contractors

  • Hold a General Contractors License and specialize in dealing with insurance companies
  • Often offer free estimates
  • Most will cancel a contract if an insurance claim is denied
  • If approved here is what a Restoration Contractor will do:

-Damage Assessment (damage check and documentation to send to insurance company)

-Scope Agreement (contract on what work will be covered for the homeowner)

-Estimating (costs to perform work)

-Insurance Negotiating (negotiations for damage to be restored to whole or pre-damage condition)

*NOTE: Insurance will only cover costs for items equal to or less than the value of what you already have.  You can pay the difference if you want something better.

When disaster strikes your home you may have little time to waste.  Knowing who to call and how to get the help you need is vital.  Here at Pro Response we offer services that are reliable and can take care of all your needs when damage has occurred including clean-up, removal, repairs, and restoration.

Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup