Tackling water damage may not be as easy as you think.  Often when people experience a water emergency, they think they can take care of the problem themselves.  But, even damage as small as a spill on the carpet can mean big problems if not properly taken care of.  The temptation to save money by doing it yourself may be strong.  However, getting professional help will be the best way to avoid mold and repair costs.  But it’s not just about savings.  Here are 5 reasons to call a professional water damage restoration service from the start.

Fast, Professional Care & Better Equipment

  • When you encounter a water emergency it can be very stressful. Professional service providers are knowledgeable and equipped to clean up and dry your home or business quickly and efficiently.  They want to limit the damage and get you back to pre-loss condition, and your normal life, as soon as possible.  Restoration companies have highly trained technicians that are ready and qualified to tackle your water problems.
  • Water removal and mitigation professionals also come with specialized equipment. Proper drying and cleanup are much easier with the proper tools.  They can get right to work on your problem area before too much time has passed and more damage occurs.


  • Water is very heavy and can quickly absorb into the materials of your home. Cleanup may include pulling up carpet, tearing down walls, and removing hardwood flooring or baseboards.  This type of work can be exhausting and unsafe if not done carefully.
  • Water damage can pose major health hazards. Standing water can become or may already be contaminated with bacteria.  This can quickly become a dangerous situation.
  • Mold and floodwater must be treated with caution. Proper drying and thorough sanitation are necessary.  Professionals will come prepared in the proper attire and with the equipment necessary to avoid risks and keep your home safe.

Threat of Mold

  • Water can seep into places you can’t see and linger even after places feel dry. These damp areas can lead to mold in as little as 24 hours.  Water damage restoration experts know exactly what to look for and have the proper tools for identifying the extent of the damage.  They will be able to safely and quickly address areas of concern, avoiding possible hazards and further damage in the future.

Your Possessions

  • Often, personal belongings become damaged during a water emergency. Most water damage companies will arrive as quickly as possible to minimize damage to your property and belongings.  They can also help you determine which items can be restored and which will need to be discarded.


  • If not cleaned properly, water on a property can become a very expensive problem. What seems like an easy cleanup can turn into a major project.  Water seeps quickly and easily into walls, floors, and textiles.  Neglect of any damp area can lead to major structural damage.  Time is critical in minimizing damage.

When it comes to large amounts of water damage, calling a water damage restoration company is the best thing to do.  At Pro Response Restoration our top priority is the safety and health of our customers. Being pro-active and acting quickly in the water damage restoration process can be the determining factor in your loss.  We understand the stress and frustration caused by an emergency in your home or business.  When you need water damage cleanup call Pro Response Restoration right away!


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