It’s time to venture under your kitchen sink and see what may be lurking.  This is a place in the home that often becomes the catch all for odds and ends that need to be stored.  However, there are hidden dangers from products and items that should really be placed in better locations to avoid the possibility of damage.  We’ve compiled a top 5 list of things not to store under the sink to get you started with your cabinet cleanup.

Toxic Chemicals

  • It’s always important to be diligent about where hazardous cleaners like bleach and dishwasher pods are stored around the house.  These types of chemical cleaners should be kept out of reach of small children and away from everyday areas.  Even with child-proofing protection, these cleaners should still be stored elsewhere to avoid risk.

Anything Flammable

  • There are products that can be highly flammable and should not be in the kitchen.  Products like solvents, paint thinners, paints, polishes, and other types of cleaning solutions can combust spontaneously when the right conditions are present.  Be especially mindful of rags that are used to apply these products.  They can put you at just as much risk.


  • We all know water and electronics don’t mix.  Under the sink may feel like a convenient place for oversized cookers, tools, or hardware, but water damage from a leak could quickly ruin these types of items.  Any type of moisture could also cause rust or warping in the right conditions.
  • Electronics are more safely stored away from any type of moisture risk.  This may be a pantry, closet, kitchen island, or other dry storage area.


  • It may be a good time to do a thorough cleanout of any outdated or old products that have been lingering.  Be sure to properly dispose of anything that is hazardous or flammable.
  • If you come across something you haven’t used in quite some time like plastic containers or extra scrubbers and sponges, it may be a good time to get rid of them.
  • Try to avoid using this area for extra goods like unopened dish soap, trash bags, etc.  These types of items will quickly fill up space and possibly overcrowd the area.

Paper Goods

  • Paper that comes in contact with water is easily ruined, so you can see why this is not a good place for paper good storage. Any type of water damage from a leak or clog could easily destroy paper bags, towels, or other goods.  Keep them in other easy to access areas that are dry and have no risk of water exposure.

The chances are high that you’ve been storing things under your sink that really shouldn’t be there.  Taking some time to declutter and remove hazards is pretty easy to do and beneficial to the whole household.


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