Summer is heating up! With all the fun that comes with being outside this season, it is important to also keep safety in mind when temperatures and humidity are high.

Stay Hydrated

  • It is recommended that you drink at least two and a half liters of water in the summer months. Try to drink water throughout the day, not just when you’re thirsty.
  • Consider avoiding caffeine and alcohol in the heat, as they cause your body to lose water more quickly.
  • Exercise in the early morning when it is the coolest. Remember to rehydrate after being in the heat for extended periods of time. Take sips versus gulps to avoid possible heat related illness and shock.

Stay Inside

  • Be sure to check in frequently with local weather stations for important safety information, especially if you plan on being outside for work or play.
  • Those at high-risk should consider staying in air-conditioned buildings as much as possible. Access to cool air is the best way to prevent heat-related illness and death. If your home does not have air-conditioning it is recommended that you spend time in a public facility with this amenity. Local health and fire departments will typically have information about available air-conditioned shelters in your area.
  • A fan for cooling purposes will not be sufficient in an extreme heat event.
  • In extreme heat events it is a good idea for friends, family, and neighbors to check in on each other.
  • When inside, be sure to minimize using appliances likes stoves and ovens that will generate more heat and slow down cooling measures.

Take Breaks

  • It is important to limit outdoor activity, especially mid-day when temperatures are their highest. When outside, take frequent breaks in the shade or try to find an indoor area with air-conditioning.
  • When outside be sure to wear and reapply sunblock frequently.
  • When active outside, pace your activity. Start slow, and pick up your pace gradually to avoid overexertion.

Cool Off

  • Drinking room temperature or cool water throughout the day will help your stay hydrated.
  • It is recommended that light, loose fitted clothing be worn.
  • Cool showers or baths can also be taken to cool down.

Recognize Illness

  • A person can become overheated easily and it is important to recognize signs and symptoms of heat-related illness.
  • Medical care should be taken immediately is someone shows symptoms of heat-related illness.
  • There are four stages of heat-related illness as defined by OSHA. The CDC has a detailed outline with symptoms and signs to watch for here.

Happy Summer from Pro Response Restoration! Wishing you much fun in the sun. And remember to be smart and safe out there.


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