All it takes is turning on the news to see that disaster can strike anywhere and at any time.  These situations can be devastating, and cause a lot of damage.  You don’t want to be left asking yourself why you didn’t have a plan in place.  By investing just a little bit of time now you can rest at ease knowing that if disaster strikes, your plan and readiness will make the road to recovery much quicker and less painful because you were prepared.

September kicked off National Preparedness Month across the United States, and it is a great time to identify and put into action your Emergency Preparedness Plan.  This week we will offer tips and information to help you put your plan into action.  These are the topics that will be covered to get you on track:

  • How To Be Personally Prepared For An Emergency
  • Checking Your Insurance Coverage & Policy Awareness
  • What Emergency Am I Most At Risk For & How To Prepare


Preparing for an emergency can seem like a daunting task but, there are some simple things you can do to get started today.

  • Make a fire and flood escape plan with your family. Find two ways to get out of every room.
  • Practice your fire and flood escape plan.
  • Sign up for emergency alerts in your area. If you live in the area see the following link.
  • If you rely on electrical medical equipment call your local power and water companies to get “priority reconnection service.”
  • Make a plan for communication. Have a group text app in place for your family to connect before, during, and after an emergency.  Make a backup plan for when access to telephone and internet are limited or unavailable.
  • Know your insurance policy, what policies you need, and what coverage you already have in place.

There is no better time than now to prepare for emergencies.  Water, fire, wind, hail, rain. Disaster can strike at any moment and the steps you take now can be the ones that keep you and your family safe and ready.


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