Let’s face it.  Working with insurance carriers is like having a relationship.  You want honesty, trust, understanding, and reliability.  In the event you need it, you want to know that your carrier has your back and will follow through with the plans you have put together to keep you protected.  Know your options, look at reviews, and know when it’s time to make a change.

What Kinds of Carriers & Salespeople Are There?

  • Direct Sellers sell policies directly to customers.
  • Captive Agents only sell one company’s products.
  • Independent Insurance Agents sell policies from many different companies.
  • If you have been denied or are hard-to-insure there are state-sponsored programs that may be able to help you. Search your states FAIR (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) for information.

What Should I Look For In A Carrier?  Why Would I Switch Carriers?

  • To ensure the best price, service, and coverage it is recommended that you shop around, look at reviews, and get all the information you can.
  • A lower rate, discount, or improved coverage is a good reason to make a switch. Receiving bad service may also be an indicator it’s time to make changes.
  • Some carriers may not provide the specific coverage you’re looking for and you may need to go elsewhere to get the protection you need.
  • Big life changes are also a good time to shop and compare rates- such as when purchasing a new home.

What Are Some Of The Best Carriers?

  • For finding the right carrier there are many tools available. We have listed several sites that offer easy to use quote tools to compare and find the best rates.  On these sites, you can also find reviews and ratings of top insurance carriers according to consumers with specific details assessed.





How Do I Change My Policy?

  • Check Terms & Conditions On Your Current Policy: Be sure you will not be stuck with penalties or fees for early termination from your policies expiration.
  • Shop For A New Carrier: Compare Insurance Quotes and find the carrier that provides the best deal while providing for your insurance needs.
  • Apply For New Insurance: You will fill out an application, online, or over the phone with an agent.  Basic information will need to be provided.  Before making a commitment to new coverage be sure the policy you are applying for has all the features in place you need and that you can manage your deductible.
  • Make the Switch Effective: Once you are approved and have an effective date for your new policy, you will need to cancel your existing homeowners’ insurance.  This can be done over the phone, or often through an email.  Be sure to include any information that is required and an effective date for the cancellation.
  • Notify Your Mortgage Company: If you have a mortgage you will need to notify your lender of the switch so they can send the proper funds from your escrow account when your premium payments are due.  Some lenders will allow you to make the change over the phone, others may require it in writing.

Insurance decisions are sometimes tough, but you want to put yourself in the best possible position should you need protection during an unexpected emergency.  You want to know that when disaster strikes your carrier will be there for you and that you will be properly covered to take care of any damages.


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