Landscaping does more than just look pretty. In fact, one of its main purposes is to keep water away from your home. Poor landscape planning can lead to buildup and water damage over time. Yard plans that are thought out and purposeful can really go a long way in water damage prevention.

Direct Water Away from the Home

  • Whenever possible you want to divert water away from your home, especially if you have a basement. Water can easily seep inside walls and even cause foundational damage over time.
  • Signs of water buildup should never go ignored. If you notice pools of water, or if you’ve had basement flooding, then you may have a drainage issue.
  • There are a lot of options to improve drainage including the use of downspouts, use of heavier mulch, use of native grass and plants, creating a rain garden, or digging small indentions to divert water.

Be Smart with Plant Placement

  • Limbs, branches, and roots too close to a home can cause future structural damage to roofs, gutters, foundations, and siding. When planting new trees and shrubs it’s important to consider placement carefully. Be sure to account for future growth of the plants.

Be Careful with Mulch

  • Mulch can be a great addition to any yard. It helps hold in moisture to keep plants thriving. However, if mulch is used too close to your home, rot and structural damage from water can become an issue. Keep a barrier of at least 6 inches between house walls and landscaping.

Avoid Pipes

  • This is a pretty straight forward tip. With landscaping it is always important to minimize planting near pipes. If you’re having trouble, consider calling a professional who may be able to help.

Smart yard planning can make a big difference. So why not have the best of both worlds…a yard you love, and yard that will protect your home from water damage.


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