Summer is here!  With all the fun festivities of the season, it’s easy to forget that water damage can happen even in the hot summer months.  The truth is, water damage can happen at any time of year.  The last thing you want ruining your summer vibes is a water emergency.  Here we will share some maintenance tips to help you avoid the trouble water damage can bring to your home.

A/C Maintenance

  • Yearly A/C Maintenance is always a good idea. Summer heat means heavy use and keeping your unit in good shape is the best way to avoid problems.  When in use, you’ll see condensation in the A/C drip pan.  More heat means more condensation.  A clog in the condensation line can cause a rapid overflow in the drip pan every time the unit is on.  Check the drip pan weekly.  When the A/C is on the pan will be wet.  If you start to notice standing water, there may be a problem.  You’ll want to turn off your unit and call an HVAC technician immediately.

Pipe Maintenance

  • Exposed pipes can often show signs of wear and tear from nature’s elements. Be sure to check pipes for damage and replace them if necessary.  You can also protect them from future damage with light colored acrylic paint or insulation tape.
  • Watch out for tree root growth that can affect piping and sewage lines. If you notice even small traces of water in your basement then call professional services immediately to best avoid a full basement flooding.

Pressure on Pipes

  • During the summer months, pipes are doing overtime with garden hoses and sprinkler systems in heavy use. Pay close attention to water lines and try to limit using water excessively.  You can also alleviate too much pressure on pipes by offsetting dishwasher and washing machine times with when you run your sprinklers.
  • Guests and fun are all part of the season. That also means a lot of bathroom and possible garbage disposal use.  Try to plan accordingly by running sprinklers, dishwashers, and washing machines before or after having guests.  Be smart about what you put down the disposal.  Use cold water and, try to avoid things that are overly stringy or sticky from going down the drain.

Traveling Out of Town

  • The last thing you want after a trip is to come home to water damage. Before you leave it is very important to take precautions and prepare your home for your departure.  Turning off your main water valve and having a friend check in on your home are just a few suggestions to follow.

Your summer dreams surely don’t include an unexpected call to a water restoration company.  Putting in the proper time and maintenance is the best way to avoid summer flooding, burst pipes, backed-up sewage, or other possible water damage.  We hope you have a wonderful season full of celebration and memories.  However, if a water emergency does arise you can count on us to be there for you.  Pro Response is one call away and we are always here to help.


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