Can you believe it is already Spring? As we head into the heaviest watering season of the year, it’s time to get your sprinklers into tip top shape.

Clean & Maintain Sprinkler Heads

  • Sprinklers not functioning properly can lead to flooding. The culprit is often a broken sprinkler head. These pieces are plastic and easily breakable so it’s not uncommon to see them causing problems. You will most likely need to clean or replace heads several times throughout the season to avoid potential spraying issues.

Watch for Pooling

  • Once sprinklers are running, take a walk around to observe water placement. Take note of any areas where there may be water pooling. This may mean you have a potential drainage issue, broken sprinkler head, or even a pipe problem. If you can’t get to the root of the problem, you may have to call a professional plumber to help.

Conserve Water

  • It’s common for lawns to be overwatered. This can lead to flooding and disease. Watering your lawn regularly is better than a light sprinkling. To encourage strong healthy roots, it is recommended that you water a minimum of 1 ½ inches of water a week. Different soils, wind, or rainfall can affect the amount of water needed to keep your lawn healthy. Consider doing a soil moisture test to determine if your lawn is getting the right amount of water it needs.
  • Be sure to follow watering recommendations for your area. Consider switching to a Smart sprinkler and irrigation system or utilize the timing function on your current system.
  • Water your lawn in the morning when it is cooler. When it is hot and humid mid-day watering will cause water loss due to evaporation.

There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had with the warmer weather. With just a little bit of time and attention, your yard will be ready for all the joys of the season.


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